Saturday, November 14, 2009

In 10 years...

"So where do you see yourself in 10 years?" For some reason, I don't think employers would want to here "Oh, probably have built my manor house in VT and living and farming there full-time." Could this be the reason I don't have a nice, cozy, well-paid career job?

I think the fact that "farming" is included in my dream of 10 years down the road states that I'm after something slightly different than your average suburbanite. I always felt in the wrong period of history -- wasn't particularly interested in technology (can you state that you'd be happy without a comp? Raise your hand!), liked cooking from scratch, sewing by hand, and brewing and weaving and such have always intrigued me. Considering that most of what really interested me was "women's arts", I always felt that Women's Lib was wasted on me. Oh well.

But to add to my array of talents, I need to add: husbandry, dairying, farming, masonry, carpentry, as well as a whole host of things. To wit: I want to run a manor house.

The Manor will be mostly self sufficient (what requires energy, if there's energy have not been fully decided), fully farmed, with orchards and livestock (nothing larger than sheep and goats for the most part), and a full household. It will be slightly different from the manor houses of old, in that one person doesn't sit up top and lord it over all, but the concept of many people working toward the same goal? That is the same.

Much of the planning for this is on paper, and will need to be committed to Internet Friendly Format at some point in the future, as well as thoughts on the various doomer and farmer blogs I read. :-P

Hopefully this blog will be more useful than your average LJ.