Sunday, October 9, 2011


And there are my first two loaves of sourdough! Let's get a closer look...

Oh my, I cannot wait to slice into this beauty! I realized, as I was staring longingly into my oven as these baked, that I have not mentioned my little sourdough project. It all started when over at Pinch My Salt she started a new sourdough starter and invited the internet to join in. This bread has been two full weeks in the making, as I started on a Saturday two weeks ago. It was all going decently, but my starter was moving MUCH slower than the one on Pinch My Salt. I realized it was probably due to it being in the window, and it was probably chilly. I moved it next to the stove, and it perked right up.

I also followed the recipe for her bread, since I was using her starter. I started the sponge last night, popped it in the fridge so it wouldn't overproof, and let it rise for its three rises all day today, as it was beautiful and over 80 degrees F. The only change I made when making it was to mist it with water 3x in the first three minutes of baking. It is now sitting on my counter, on a cooling rack, tempting me.

I will let you know if it's as tasty as it looks!


  1. my sourdough starters never worked! I think my house is too cold in winter, and too hot in the summer (excuses?). well done!

  2. I'd tried starter before, and had it flop miserably. But I can vouch for the excellence of this recipe! :-P It starts with pineapple juice, and later switches to filtered water.

  3. Wow, now those are two very impressive loaves! I've never achieved anything like that- My skills in dough shaping also limit me to loaves, aided by the sides of a rectangular pan. These are very inspiring, though.

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