Thursday, October 27, 2011

Frustrated As All Get-Out

I try to pay my bills on time. Granted, as I have very little in my own name, and am not currently working, these bills are not particularly many. However, there are several that effect my life.

One -- "temporary" ex-roommate still owes us three weeks worth of rent, and is not responding to phone calls nor returning them.

Two -- I am a guarantor for Mister's car payment, and we just received notice that we're 21 days away from defaulting on this loan.

Three -- last month we had to receive an email from our landlords requesting that we pay rent on the first, not the fifteenth or the 22nd... yeah.

Four -- I received notice from UMass that because my tuition is late, they are charging $100 extra.


How I am dealing with these:

One -- I am going to be filing papers as of Monday to take her to court.

Two -- I am going to beat the ever living hell out of Mister. And make him change his godsdamned bank account so the direct deposit that's set up works.

Three -- I am attempting to remember to remind Mister about these on the weekends, so that I don't have to hound him at work and he gets pissy.

Four -- I am making my dad deal with that, as it's his fault that it's late.


Why don't people pay their godsdamned bills on time? Why does it have to bother my life? I want to stab things... grr... maybe I should buy meat for dinner.

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