Monday, October 17, 2011


No, that's not a typo up there (if it actually comes through at all), it's the Russian word for "tea drinking". I'm going to be hosting a Russian Tea party Nov. 5th, as Mister, J and I need to practice our Russian. I'm also inviting a classmate, JQ (too many people with J's in their name...) as he speaks far better Russian than I, and he can help keep us on track.

I'll make pierogi, little cakes, and lots of tea. Probably also bread with jam and butter. There's also a cabbage/potato pie that I've seen recipes for that looks tasty... I just love Eastern European food, and I want to make way more than I need.

My main source for what to serve is this site. The full official invitation as issued is:

я хочу пить чай с вами в ближайшее. суббота пятый ноябрь в один час равно дня я приглашаю вас на чай в моем доме. я буду готовить вареники и пирожни.

Which translates hilariously as:

I want to drink tea with you shortly. Saturday November fifth to one hour of the day as well, I invite you to tea at my house. I'll cook dumplings and cakes.

Sometimes, I love how Russian works.