Monday, April 16, 2012

11 Questions

Continuing the questionaire that I picked up from Francesca.

1) What's your favorite meal? Probably mac and cheese. I also love steak, and ham, and sausage, and brussel sprouts, and...

2) What would you do if someone gave 1 million dollars? Put it into savings. And then probably buy a house when we find one.

3) Where do you see yourself in the future? Still in this area, maybe with cute little animals? Hopefully?

4) Which country/place do you want to necessarily see in your life? I want to go somewhere where I at least partially know the language to try and communicate in a foreign language. I've got a bit of French and Russian so far...

5) What moment made you very happy? Only one? I think after any success (such as how fabulous my bread turned out yesterday) I get quite happy.

6) What's your favorite author? (May we change that to 'who'?) Hmm... probably Vonnegut. I haven't read a thing of his that I didn't like.

7) What do you want to necessarily do in your life? Make food and eat it.

8) What movie made you happy? I want to say that the movie we saw last night made me happy (Cabin in the Woods) but it was scary as all get out. I really like the movie version of Chicago.

9) What are you afraid of? Confrontations.

10) What moment in your youth do you love to remember? Having a half day at school and going to the bridge with all of my friends. We'd sit and dangle our feet, nom snacks, and play in the creek. The fact that our parents didn't know where we were made it that much better.

11) Which season do you like the best? Honestly, I think spring. I get so excited seeing all the flowers coming up, how bright and happy everything is, I just wish it were warmer and less wet.

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  1. True, the language can be an issue when you travel, even though (almost) everyone speaks english these days - still, the other day I was booking a hotel in Japan for my husband, and I spoke English, the Japanese guy at the other end spoke English, and we couldn't understand each other.