Monday, May 21, 2012

Gardening 2012

Here is the current state of the garden. I finally got around to putting things in the ground (like the potatoes that were colonizing my kitchen). Except for the mint, everything is freshly planted. I'm planting potatoes based upon this method, which tells me to cover the shoots halfway everytime they reach 10-12" in height.

Because all of my seeds are so old, I've put two seeds of each type in every spot. We'll see if anything germinates.

I've made a nice bucket of compost tea with my chicken poop and I've watered all of my plantings with this.

I've also put basil seeds in a large gardening bucket that is on the front porch. Hopefully it'll grow because I do love basil.

I'm also well again into the war with the trumpet vine. I've had my third or fourth foray into the backyard to cut back everything green and trumpet vine shaped. It is friggin tough.

I would like to put vining plants along the side of the house, but it is currently full up on hosta and other type large green things. I will need more than a spoon and hands to get rid of it. A weedwhacker would be nice. But we'll see what I can come up with.


  1. Good luck - trumpet vines are relentless!

  2. Laaaaaaaaaaaaame. You finally update and you tell us about plants? Psh.

    Side note: I successfully grew a tomato plant out of a branch that had broken off. It grew roots, I planted it, and now it has a tomato. Beat that!

  3. I've done so little gardening this year (when it's not raining, it's pouring), save for my own war with the ivy.

  4. Michelle -- thanks! They are nasty.

    K -- you suck. That shouldn't work!

    Francesca -- This was my first bit, because it's also been raining (and is again!) What is up with this weather?

  5. I literally broke the tomato plant as I put it in the car at the farmers market where I bought it. So I just pulled it off the rest of the way and put it in a glass of water for a few weeks. And it grew roots. Very nicely, too.

  6. I've always, always wanted to have a herb/vegetable garden of my own, but since I can't have that in the tiny fourth-floor flat with a three-foot balcony, I'll live this dream vicariously through you. Don't you DARE put a step wrong!

  7. Rimi, I would never DREAM of disappointing you in such a manner. What manner of friend do you think I am?