Friday, June 1, 2012

50s Dress

So I'm not quite sure where the cord to connect the camera to the computer is... But I've been working on that 50s dress for my new buddy T, and it's going fabulously. I popped together a mockup Monday and had a quick fitting on Tuesday. Modified the pattern and sketched out the lining and had a second fitting today. Luckily, T isn't enough of a costumer to see where I screwed up the lining part for today. :-P It also was only 4.5 yards of fabric and it was TIGHT getting all of the pieces out, so the next lining layer is going to be a bit fuller. I also received in addition to the fabric T bought, the ripped out skirt and tulle from a wedding dress. As that's fairly stiff I will be using that inside the dress for T as well. It'll have to be lining as the wedding dress is white and T's dress is black... but that's not a problem! I actually feel pretty comfortable with where this dress is and how it's shaping up. I just have to NOT screw up the skirt pieces for this next piece!

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