Thursday, July 12, 2012


It seems that so many people thrive on compliments to their physical appearance. It always nice to be told that I have great hair or a beautiful smile, but I’ve been spoiled by much lovelier strings of words.
“you’re such a kind person.”
“I admire your patience.”
“you make me proud.”

I came across this little tidbit today on someone's tumblr. I completely disagree with it. Their examples are horrible, anyway. A kind person? Honey, I am anything but that and I will laugh in your face if you attempt it. Patience? Perhaps, but it isn't hard. It's a combination of something called 'waiting' and 'sucking it up'. The magic of 'patience'. And finally, to make someone proud? Anything I do IS NOT for you, whoever it is that 'you' are. My actions are my own, and I'll thank you to leave them to me.

Also, what is wrong with a physical compliment? They are easier to give and easier to receive. I'd rather not be burdened with a sudden dose of self-awareness like the above quote attempted to supply. If I'm tootsing along my merry way throughout the day, I'll thank you to let me alone to do it! I'd rather not think deep thoughts about my own spiritual and mental make-up. But a compliment on my attire or hair or anything physical? I'll take that and gladly.

If you must compliment me, leave me out of it.

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