Saturday, December 15, 2012

Cranberries Ahoy

So I stopped into the Winter's Farmer's Market (which is conveniently 3 blocks from my apartment, much like the Summer one is from my old apartment). I need to use up my $900 credit! So I spent $35 on lots of tasty things -- only to pick up three shifts. :-P So add another $200 to that credit...

In addition to all of the tasties I bought at my stand (two kinds of oranges, grapefruit, two kinds of cabbage, green beans, carrots, greens, shallots, potatoes and rutabaga) I bought some amazing looking Korma Kebobs at a butcher's shop and a pound of cranberries.

What does one do with cranberries? I keep meaning to get around to working with them, but Mister has always been of the opinion that unless I have a recipe and the actual intent to work with something I shouldn't buy it. But I can fill my OWN apartment with nommies!

I'm off to trawl the internets for cranberry recipes!

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