Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Holiday Follow-up

So, as a follow-up to Christmas, I asked for very few things -- and surprise, surprise, got them!

The only thing I actually asked for: a spoon rest (already dirty 'cause I made hot chocolate).

My sis got me the cutest little tea strainer.

He floats in your drink! He'll match my duckie tea kettle (looooooong story about all the ducks... :-P).

And my mum got me a beautiful carved wood tea strainer. I'm happy with all of the tea strainers, as I only had the one, and if more than one person wanted tea, we'd have to use bagged tea or share a strainer. :-\

We also got a couple of books relating to cooking (from Mister's and my families), lots of cookies, and other sundry items such as a calendar. All in all, a good Christmas!

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