Thursday, January 27, 2011


So today was my first day as a music teacher (crazy!). I showed up exactly on time -- I was aiming for early, but I completely forgot that what is normally a 30 min walk winds up being almost 40 when there's snow and muck from a fresh snowstorm. (Why does every block have to end in a 6" deep puddle?) It turns out that my new student was as equally unprepared as I: reeds and book hadn't come in, and I didn't think about supplying them myself, nor do I have a stand, nor did I bring a notepad and pencil to give her her lesson. Oh well -- we'll learn together!

Apparently Mister had a miserable day. Tons of meetings (tons of rescheduling), production failures, and just all-around not-fun-ness. He called me when he was heading out and said "Yeah, I'm just feeling really stressed and overwhelmed." So I said the magic phrase: I'm planning on making pizza. So with that said, pizza is in oven and Mister is en route.

As it has been awhile since I made a pizza, I quickly checked through the archives to see how long I needed to cook it. Has it really been nearly four months since I've made pizza?! I am flabbergasted. I'll have to change that up!

Here's to a relaxing evening at home with Mister!

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