Friday, January 14, 2011

Turnabout Is Fair Play

So remember the time that I said I had no intention of making bread? Well, I lied apparently. The amount of baked goodness on the internets coupled with my chicken soup that I made yesterday lured my bread-baking out of hiding.

So! Pics of soup making.

Making stock from my nommy chicken carcass.

You have to strain out all of the bones and such.

After picking through all of the bones for meat (because SOMEONE ate the meat I reserved for soup...)

Sooooooooooooup glorious sooooooup.

Nommy bread!

So the recipe (bare bones though it is) for the bread is as follows:

I started with this recipe for garlic soda bread and leaped off from there. I used 50/50 WW flour/white flour, and regular skim milk (in lieu of buttermilk). I then threw in grated sharp provolone and parmesan, fresh rosemary, fresh basil, and some herbs des provences for good measure. Mixed it all up in the bowl, didn't really bother kneading, and threw it in a greased round cake pan, and topped it with more grated cheese and course sea salt for good measure. Baked for a little over 20 mins, et voila! Tastiness achieved!

Best part about it? Mister was pleasantly surprised and said it was really tasty (although too much salt on top) -- the last thing I threw together breadwise was a spectacular failure :-\


  1. Fantastic! You started the new year well, bread-wise :)

  2. It needed to be done -- if for no other reason than to tell me that all bread does not have to be yeast-based or take a long time.

  3. Right! Yeast and anxiety abour the dough rising is what keeps me away from baking. This is a brilliant recipe!

    And, you're photo-taking skills are officially awesome now :-)

  4. Aw shucks... thanks!

    And hey, how funny is this: we're at the grocery store last night, and Mister's like "no let's not buy this bread flour until we're in the new apartment and baking more regularly." DOES HE KNOW?!?!?!? :-P