Thursday, September 29, 2011

Blargh -- Sickness Ahoy

Warning: this post is really rambling.

So this past week I've been flirting on-and-off with staying home and going to school. I apparently have a sinus infection (first time for everything, eh?) and just started antibiotics yesterday after my rather fortuitously scheduled doctor's appointment. But I had stayed home from classes Friday after sleeping straight through my first class, felt moderately fine (just very sniffly) Saturday, and had a 100 degree F fever (38C) by Sunday night. As I had not gone to classes Friday, I HAD to attend classes Monday, and was completely wiped by the end of the day, massive amounts of ibuprofin, pseudoephedrin not-withstanding. Tuesday, I skipped my one class and rested for most of the day, applied for a job and had band practice in the basement. I felt mostly fine. Wednesday dawned and I felt decent, took my massive quantities of drugs (robitussin added to the litany) and attending my four classes and headed for my doctors appointment. It was on my way back to campus for practice with a theory partner and orchestra rehearsal that I crashed. Hard. I was so out of it when practicing with M that I played a C major scale on the piano and called it an F scale. He was like "uh... that's a C scale. You ARE really out of it!"

I wound up passing on orchestra (try playing an oboe with a completely throbbing head - you won't like it) and my normally an hour-long journey home took me about two as I had to get up the gumption to make said journey. It may or may not have involved lying on the grass trying to eat a banana while incredibly nauseous. Just sayin'.

But, make it home I did, and I slept for two hours until Mister came home and bought my antibiotics and we made a frozen pizza.

I slept well last night, and canceled on rehearsing with my theory partners again today and just told them that I'd work on it here (we have to perform a sightreading trio for a quiz Friday -- we need to learn all three parts and sing it three times through, switching parts each time. My prof is kinda crazy awesome. I think I'm the only one who finds this entertaining). Hopefully with another day of puttering, I'll be up to going to classes tomorrow.

You might notice I am putting more emphasis on MWF classes -- I have four classes on those days, and only the one on T/Th (which was canceled today anyway). So it's more of an ordeal to get behind on four classes than the one. I also know that all we were doing in Tuesday's class was a group discussion of the questions on the stories that I didn't have to work on, my group having gone last Thursday. I love my Literature class, but I know that a group discussion is easier to miss than a lecture.

Man, there is nothing scarier than being sure you're going to not make it home ok and not having any escort. Just KNOWING that the journey is an hour long and full of bumps and poor braking skills and loud noises... I was sure I was going to have another episode of passing out on the train.

Although, in my love of pissing people off, I was rather amused that when I was kinda stretched out over 2.5 seats on the train, a woman sat down on my feet and went "EXCUSE ME!!!!" and gave me a Glare-o-Death x1000Mh. I've never had the balls to actually do that -- I just usually glare at the offender while standing, but I was half-dozing on the train, so I'm sure I wouldn't have noticed that action.

... ok this is waaaaaaay to rambling and I'll cut this off here. Let's just leave it at I've been having an Adventure this week and I'd rather not be. :-P


  1. Wæs hæl, my friend! I was on campus at UMass today, and heard tell of mass absences due to crud - both GI and head/sinus. Hugs, sympathy, and chicken soup to you, girl.

  2. I'm so sorry, hope the antibiotics worked and that you feel better now!