Wednesday, September 21, 2011


I'm never doing anything of note these days, it seems I'm always doing updates and status checks on life. Oh well. As a snapshot, I can see the guy who paints the house sweeping paint chips off of my porch and hear the garage band next door rocking out. I've also got marinara on the stove (holy cow that asshole just went the wrong way down not one, but TWO one way streets!)... ahem. I've got marinara on the stove that I started yesterday (tomatoes, crushed tomatoes, garlic, fried onions, fried red pepper, ground beef and fried mushrooms) and I'm delaying writing a paper for history (due Friday) and some responses for something in Lit (due tomorrow). ... AND my theory homework, and studying for my Ear Training exam on Friday, and my Russian work... I just don't wanna right now!

I harvested my first cantaloupe the other day; it's the Pixie variety. It's funny, it tasted and looked (when cut) like an orange honeydew melon. It had that smooth, almost crisp texture of the honeydew and was less sweet than I expect cantaloupe to be. But still delicious! I have another one on the counter waiting for me, and I have three on the vine that might ripen in time, and I discovered two rotting as babies on the vine (I'm thinking that a ladder smooshed them -- house painting, remember?).

Hm, my sorta roommate, L, is missing... she went out for a walk and a phone call and hasn't come back for two hours. I should probably check in to make sure things are ok...

On her end, she finally did get a job (R, I've told you some of the tale I believe), it's the SAME ONE that she was trying to get, but she's still looking because although they brought their offer back up to the pay she was initially offered, the hours are still 6pm-2am, and the train stops running at 12:30am which means she'd have to be driving downtown during rushhour to GET to work... ick. But, it's a paycheck until something better comes along. AND she has a new car. AND she's dating four boys. So, her lack of boyfriend, car, job and apartment (all in the same week) is just down to apartment!

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