Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Artwork Currently Set Up

Rimi -- this is image heavy.

I recently got a lot of our art put up on the walls. There's nothing like one's artwork to make a place start to feel like home. Let's do a little tour, shall we?

Here's the first. This is a print from the comic strip Minus. This is in the front hallway, facing you when you walk into our apartment.

This is immediately to the right when entering the living room. It hangs over a small bookcase. It's a Valentine's Card on handmade paper that I received from my sister's godmother years and years ago. I just love it.

This is hanging over the back of the couch. It's a self-portrait photo of a friend of mine, B, from high school. I gave it to Mister as a gift several years ago.

This is hanging to the right of the last piece. It's a digital print of what I believe was initially a colored pencil work, done by a friend, K, in high school. It's entitled: Tea with the Moon.

This is opposite the couch, over the electric piano. It's a pen and ink drawing of (two?) griffin(s), drawn by Mister's Great Aunt. General consensus is they're having sex, but I like to remember it as being a single griffin. :-P

This is hanging to the left of the griffin. It's an Artist's Proof of a rather noir block print entitled: Hello/Goodbye. It was created by my ex-boyfriend, P.

This is hanging directly below the block print. It's a pen and ink drawing that my ex-boyfriend, P, drew on the envelope of a birthday card for me. In case you were wondering, that is a stylized drawing of me playing the oboe in my little red hat (K, the one that you hate and you were ashamed that I bought :-P).

On to the dining room. This piece hangs immediately to the left upon entering the room from the living room. This is a pen and ink drawing by my friend from high school, K (who did Tea with the Moon), that my mother bought for me as a Christmas gift years ago. I call her: Úrsula.

This hangs directly opposite Úrsula. This is a painting by P the ex-bf that I believe was the gift given at the time of the birthday card mentioned. It sadly is torn due to circumstances that I don't want to get into. So it currently has some duct tape on the back. Yup.

This piece is on the right side of the dining room, when entering from the living room. This is a print of a pen and ink drawing by Mister's Great Aunt P again. This is Odin, and we're pretty sure he's about to ravish the young lady in the pic. Did we mention his Great Aunt was crazy?

This is in the hallway, to the left of the bathroom door. It is either ink and brush or a watercolor painting by P the ex-bf and entitled: First Snow.

This piece is on display in the bathroom. It's acrylic on plywood. I got this and two other pieces for free from an art student on Craigslist. Apparently it creeps some people out, but I find it a really cool piece and a nice bit of color in the bathroom (it's a bit brighter than the picture makes out).

This piece is in the study to the right immediately upon entering. It had been hung above the light switch, but Mister knocked it down and damaged the frame. It is now on the bookshelf, awaiting repair. It is a watercolor or ink and brush painting by the gentleman who created Minus, the comic from the very beginning (we have about 13 Minus prints -- most are not displayed currently). This was a surprise gift when we ordered all of our prints, as it's a "extra scene" from a story arc that we bought the entire set of.

This is immediately opposite the Minus print, and facing the person entering the study. It is a sharpie cartoon created by a friend, H, in high school. It's entitled: Procrastinating with Henry. I love it. I had to fight people to get it!

These are to the right of the cartoon, but all three are displayed above a low 5' long bookshelf to the left of the closet. The top piece is a watercolor painting that my mother made when I was a kid, and the bottom one is a cute postcard that I like.

This is yet another piece by P the ex-bf. This is an Artist's Proof of a photo entitled: Teapot. It hangs above the kitchen sink.

And that's the tour of art in my apartment currently. There are so many things that I need to have framed, repaired or find a way to hang (the plywood pieces require a shelf). But I love my art, and I love that the majority of it was created by artist's that I know instead of prints of famous work or generic "Home Goods"-type pictures.

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