Monday, January 16, 2012


Warning: slight bit of angst ahoy. Do not continue unless you're a fan of Russian literature.

This is not my favorite thing. When I'm home alone, I sleep too much, don't eat enough, don't bother getting dressed, and get quite bored. Luckily, I'm also broke, so I'm not tempted to go out and spend money willy-nilly.

It's times like these that I want kittens. I could chase them around the house, and there'd always be some little body around.

Or, I just sit at the comp and wait for Mister to get home. It's never as quickly as I'd like (a.k.a. when I wake up!) and often I am crabby by the time it happens and we get into little spats.

[Uh oh, I think I really should have refridgerated that pudding... maybe I'll drink some water...]

For example, I learned yesterday that even though I've been intending on doing my own invitations since the very beginning, he'd rather PAY someone to do it. With a fricking printer. Ugh. I think that's just the tackiest thing. He also doesn't quite seem to realize that shipping invitations is going to run us about $60-75 and not using the invitations that are sitting in our basement waiting to be used will cost us an additional $50-60. That pretty much doubles the cost of invitations. I, rather pissily, informed him that if he wanted printed invitations I'd rather just open up FileMaker and use a paper cutter. Which was when he informed me that he was busy applying to jobs and not paying attention to the fight I was trying to start. How rude! He's not allowed to be responsible when I'm in a fighting mood!

Even now, although I'm ostensibly doing something for myself that I create while alone, I'm spending more time blankly staring at the screen than blithely typing away. I think my stats include a line like:

"Able to be alone: -3
Need to be near people: +5"

That's not to say that I don't mind the occasional bout of solitude -- rather, I like it for about 5 mins. Tops. Even if we're doing completely separate things, I'd rather be doing them in the same room as another person.

... and now we have a warning at top of this post. Blah. I am just so bored! I'll probably go find something to eat that's not possibly-bad-for-me pudding-that's-already-in-my-stomach.


  1. invitations are not worth a fight. sit down next to each other, and do your own things together. :)

  2. I know. But we both get so damned frustrated. Cooperation is not my strong suit. I'm VERY good at telling people "this is how it's gonna go" -- and so's he. :-P