Tuesday, January 24, 2012

My Single Problem with Wedding Planning

Mister's got opinions. Oh gods does he have opinions. There is none of the stereotypical "let the bride do what she wants while the groom hides" business. I wish that there was.

Mister always goes on and on about how happy he is that he's with someone with strong opinions -- lemme tell you, the feeling is NOT mutual! I don't want a doormat, but fer the love of the gods, shut up sometimes and lemme do my thing without you deciding it's a poor decision.

This came up in my head as I was rereading some APW articles, and folks were like "my groom doesn't care! waaaaaah" And I'm like whoa whoa, some people get to do this without negotiations? Without massive amounts of discussion and angry faces (from me)? Some ladies get to say: Hmm, I really like this invitation, honey buy it now plx -- and it happens?

That and he keeps saying that there's still so much to decide -- yet whenever I'm like "what do we have to talk about" he's got nothing? I'm sorry, the time is OVER for over-thinking shit, we're at decision-land. I'm getting invites out by March 1st and we have to get our caterer and band set up as we STILL have not contacted them. (Guess who's job that is? If you guessed someone OTHER than me, you'd be right!)

Then there's the fact that I'm writing blog posts about wedding stuff at 2:40pm on a Tuesday, as I've got oodles of free time during business hours and Mister works. This means that I get to think on this kind of stuff for hours before he lets the air out of my balloons.

Bah. I think my life would be easier if Mister stopped acting like he cared.

N.B. This post is merely venting. we're doing fine, even if I sometimes want to throttle him when he vetoes carefully laid out plans.


  1. you must perfect the art of compromising:)

  2. Which will of course be good for our marriage... but I want it MY way! :-D

  3. Oh wow, I stay away for a few day, and look at all the posts!

    Re. Francesca's advice, all one hears in my culture before, during and after a wedding is "Adjust, please adjust". "Try a little compromise". "Give a little, plenty of time to get some your way". It's a very compromising culture. And guess which gender hears it the most? ;-) Then again, in my culture, brides do none of the wedding planning. She's the star of the show, right? So it follows that she'll just swan in and grace the occasion, and suffer reciting vows in front of an enormous fire. All the legwork will be done by the two families -- primarily hers. AND the wedding lasts three days. So count your blessings.

    Having said that, I'm firmly on T's side. That is, I believe it's FAR better to have someone who takes an interest and debates decisions than to have the insincere "It's great honey, do what you like" types.

    Oh, and, love the artwork. Love it. You're very lucky to have such talented inkers in the family. Our flat has been repainted recently, and I'm going to put some of my photographs up on the wall as soon as we get a free Sunday or two. I'll let you in on the pics when it's done. Remember to swoon ;-)