Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Tough Decisions

So I made the call today and quit my new job. Yep, a week of training (6 hours paid) and one actual shift that I left early for. I'll have worked 10 hours of paid time.

But I thought about it. I'd've been working pretty much every single night I'm not in rehearsal (except Saturdays), I had to drop my jam band group, and it was hellish. I dreaded every single minute of it, I counted minutes like it was my job, and I was freaking the f*** out all day today about the fact that I had to work again tonight.

And I thought, y'know, if a single $8.50/hr job is giving me this much stress and grief, I don't need it in my life right now. So I applied online to work at the grocery store and called in my resignation.

'Cause really, working at the grocery store is about the level of thinking that I want to be doing for a part-time job. Please please please ask me to break down boxes for three hours. I'd love to get paid to do something that mindless. But actively try to get money out of little old ladies on Social Security when they tell me that they'll be dead before anyone's elected anyways? Yeah, not my bag. I also don't care enough about politics or the democrats in general to sell it convincingly.

Here's the problem with the job I had. Even if it's not cold calling, even if it's people who have given before and want to give again, no one wants to be called. Period. They also don't want to be upsaled. Upselling is the least enjoyable task I can think of. I had problems with it at LUSH too. I think that if someone's giving you money, you should say 'thank you' and end the call.

Bah. Over and done with, and I know yet another category of job that I can't do! (The list now has 2.5 items: housekeeping, sales, and a maybe for restaurant as I got badly burned in my last restaurant job.)

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  1. good decision. wish you luck with the application, though mindless jobs are often much harder than fulfilling ones: I held a mindless fulltime job for two months in London while I was learning the language, and it was a great incentive to better my life.