Thursday, June 10, 2010

Am I Too Weird Now?

At my new apartment, I had left a pile of compost materials in a plastic dish on the counter.

One roommate complains about the garbage everywhere, and the other says that she threw it out "for me".

What if I just wanted my compost?

How do I go about trying to keep plastic to a minimum, recycling to a maximum, and eco-friendly cleaners?

They buy veggie burgers and "Women's Protein Powder". ... what? Since when do women have different protein needs than men? Last I checked, protein was protein to a human body. Egads.

I am feeling very very leery about the house meeting we're having on Sunday. I have the feeling that I'm in a very small minority here.

Reading these posts every day, my last household, my mother's attitude, and my forgiving fiance have allowed me the luxury of feeling like this was NORMAL. I forgot that we were more "revolutionaries". :-P

Kathy Harrison over at the Just In Case Book Blog had a post recently (although I can't find it) about how she's so glad that she has the internet community to make up for the lack of one in real life. I was like "oh so true" but it clearly hadn't been up until now.

Note to self: tone down doom light for easily spooked roommates.

EDIT: I guess it was over at Retro Housewife Goes Green and not the Just In Case Book Blog.

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  1. Google "Transition Somerville" if you want to find more likeminded people.