Saturday, June 26, 2010


It is very ... WARM out here. I have been wearing shorts and tank tops, regardless of my shaving schedule. I have to say this weather is doing great things for my fear of non-conformity. :-P

Work is being a pain. I have a girl who is literally unreliable. She contacted me this morning at 9 am to tell me that no one got back to her to work her evening shift. I calmly told her that the day person was working a double and went back to bed. So at the advice of an older manager, I'm hiring another person. Because I need reliable people -- period. But, I've wanted to hire this girl, and am happy that I'm able to.

I bought 4 little seedlings. Broccoli, cabbage, basil and scallions. Mister and I had gone a week before buying these and looked at a bunch and I was like "let's buy now!" He was like 'well, it seems like a rushed decision' and we didn't buy any. When we went back, all of the vine plants (melons, cukes, zucchini, pumpkins), the beets, and many things were missing (a.k.a. sold). I was not particularly happy. :-\

But I still haven't planted these little seedlings -- I don't know where to! I've been at Mister's house almost everyday (which is where the 6-packs are located), and don't want to plant them at my house if they're to be neglected, and need pots to replant them here. Gah.

Making brekkie now -- Eggs in a basket and bacon. I love eggs and bacon. It really carries me through the day.

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