Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Making it up...

So, I had had some bean juice in the fridge (leftover water from cooking beans) and had been intending on making bean soup.

Put beans on the stove to cook (didn't presoak 'cause I'm an idiot), and let them burn.

Composted fail-beans, and started over.

I had some odds and ends that I wanted to use up, and frankly, although it's edible, I'm waiting for Mister's verdict on whether or not it'll be tasty.

What I did:

Cooked beans. Added to water: one cube of veg. bouillon, and spices (I used salt, pepper, paprika, cumin, chili and coriander... I think).

Chop half an onion, and rub it with salt and turmeric. Fry in a little oil. Put aside, and fry a little ham. Put aside.

Chop up 2 hardboiled eggs (without yolks -- put aside).

Add to beans some leftover rice, the yolks of the eggs (smoosh along sides to thicken soup), and grated cheddar cheese.

Throw onion in soup.

Will serve with egg and ham on top, side of toast.

Delicious? We will find out.

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