Friday, July 22, 2011

Holy Radio Silence Batman

Hey all, I know it's been a while. Two weeks to be precise. Have I been doing stuff? Not enough to not post. But it HAS been too hot to turn on the desktop in a room with little-to-no circulation. Hence, this post is on the iPad and boy does it suck typing on this thing when it likes to pretend I didn't type all the letters...

The flies that I cleared out of my kitchen are back, of course, so today has been the day of cleaning and disinfecting. I love running hot water in 100 degree weather.

Mister and I have been absolutely terrible at eating at home. It's been too hot for me to even think about boiling water for pasta dishes, turning the oven on, etc., and the gas for the grill is still in storage, of course (Mister mentioned this right about the time that he said that he hates my grill and we should get a charcoal one, yadda yadda).

In some brighter news, I have a new nephew! My stepsister went into labor this morning and at 11:01 am a son was born at 22", 6 lbs. 8 oz. I need to get a card in the mail...


  1. Congratulations!!! I need to email you, I'll do that later in the day. Probably when tomorrow's just dawning over Davis :-)

  2. congratulations! when it's too hot to cook, we (read "I") survive on tomato and mozzarella salad!

  3. Thanks! I'll take full credit of course :-P

    Rimi - I'll keep an eye out, but I'd email if you have that one over gmx since I can't email back on the ipad with that.

    Francesca - sadly, I only eat tomatoes in either sauce or salsa, or I'd be doing the same. I just need to get around to buying fruit and keeping that around the house.

  4. Just email me so I know which you prefer: I'm here