Tuesday, July 5, 2011

I Hate the Flute

No seriously, if I could kick one instrument out of life, it'd be flute. Why oh why did one of my budding-band-mates decide that Locomotive Breath was just the thing we need to be playing? Also, why do the only transcriptions for both the piano and the flute solos not cover the entirety of the solos?! The flute ends a good 4 bars before the end, and the piano ends at the repetitive part 45 seconds in (while also simplifying the part by eliminating grace notes and the like).

That and I can't even practice the piano part because I only have a midi keyboard with no speakers and Mister has not answered how the hell to get it to come out of the monitor speakers.

But yeah, I hate the flute.


  1. This reminds me: have you ever heard me sing? I should sing for you. It's an evolved form of torture.

  2. Oh fabulous dahling. I think my clarinet student feels the same, as she gives me the most frightened looks when I suggest humming a note prior to playing. :-P

    I scrapped the flute part for that song, and rocked it on oboe instead. Much easier for me.

  3. Sometimes, you sound like the coolest person ever.

    (At other times, you ARE the coolest person ever, so we don't bother with what you sound like)

  4. You're lucky I love you Rimi, I don't take that kinda guff from just anybody! :-P