Friday, July 8, 2011

Pasta Salad

Yesterday for dinner I made a huge batch of pasta salad based loosely upon this recipe. I used a pound of mezze penne, two handfuls of trimmed green beans, the remainder of the white beans from Mexican night, and one can of small black olives. The dressing was one-half cup of chive blossom vinegar, one garlic clove pasted with one tsp. salt, two tsp. Jack Daniels mustard all whisked together and with one-half cup of good olive oil streamed in while whisking. It turned out super tasty!

If you're wondering about the strange format of this recipe, I'm writing on the iPad and it's difficult to get things other than letters. :P


  1. i couldn't leave comments here earlier on, let me try again! We live on pasta and farro salads in the summer, but we never tried them with jack daniels mustard!

  2. Well the recipe called for some dijon mustard but I had Jack Daniels in the fridge! It's a nice mustard surprisingly, and was one of the few in the store that didn't contain weird ingredients.