Monday, March 12, 2012

Pride and Necklaces

Francesca's most recent post reminded me of a very old memory.

As anyone who has met me in person has realized, I love jewelry. It's my favorite thing. I've worn every single kind that there is to try. I currently am wearing 6 earrings (three lobes and a cartilege on my left ear, 2 lobes on my right), a mere three rings, close to 20 bracelets and bangles, and a single necklace (odd for me). Oh and now two little barbells on my boobs. I've tried toe rings (they hurt my toes), ankle bracelets, belly chains, ear cuffs, wearing jewelry in my hair, sparkly belts, up to 13 rings at a single time, the whole shebang. I love jewelry and always have.

I remember when I was finally old enough to get my ears pierced -- I was four. I had always wanted it done, and I picked the "prettiest" piercing earrings. They were shaped like stars. I got my second set in 5th grade, the cartilege in 7th, and the final one I pierced myself in 8th grade. I received rings and earrings from a very young age, and continually lost them.

But I remember one Thanksgiving at a family member's house when I was very young. I don't even know who's house it was at, I think my Aunt P and Uncle C. (I remember a few fun things about their house -- including Uncle C's collection of marbles, Aunt P's sewing room, and the chinese plates on the wall of the living room.) Another family member, either an aunt or an older cousin, gifted to both my sister and I (and probably other young girl-children of the family) beaded necklaces. But not just ANY beaded necklaces! These were quite interesting, and fun to explore. It involved a tapered tube of fabric with marble-sized beads INSIDE the tube, and smaller separator beads OUTSIDE the tube. Mine was periwinkle fabric with indigo beads. K, I think yours was purple with green beads.

I drew a quick sketch of what the necklace looked like: I think it would be an easy craft project.

Francesca, I thought of this because of the memories associated with your new bead necklace. And I though perhaps this is a Rebecca-friendly way for her to be beautiful like Mama. I know I felt really grown-up with this necklace -- both having been old enough to HAVE a pretty necklace, and seeing and feeling the weight of a pretty necklace. I still have it somewhere... :-P


  1. Who the hell are Aunt P and Uncle C? I don't know anyone by these initials at all.

  2. What a sweet post, thank you! I'm very impressed by the fact that you pierced yourself (ouch!), that you can draw beautiful sketches on the computer, and by all the jewelry you wear - and I thought I was a true jewelry lover! :)
    Thanks for the idea, I know Rebecca will love it - I'd seen similar fabric necklaces, but with knots between marbles, and never with beads ... come to think of it, I just know I'll love it too!

    PS I need to write you an email, rosemary is a bit banged up but alive, all the other herbs died :(

  3. It was funny -- when I was a kid, I never ever considered that the fabric had been sewn, I just thought I hadn't found the opening to put the marbles in. I spent hours trying to figure it out. :-P

  4. What a wonderful idea, and a great drawing too.