Saturday, March 24, 2012


Well, that went better than planned. The two mothers met today, Mister's and mine. Both stopped in for a whirlwind visit of only about 5 hours. After Mister's mom left, mine said that she was lovely, and as MY mother left, Mister commented that his mother certainly knows how to smile and nod.

Oh family. Think of what stress free lives we'd lead without them?

But I was able to have a long chat with my mother about our communication skills. Hopefully this will lead to much better relations.

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  1. Fingers crossed!

    Also, I've been travelling for work and haven't replied to your email yet -- terrible, I know -- but I did send you one earlier, did you get it?

    I'm out all day tomorrow as well (and tomorrow's Saturday! Grrr!), but I'll write Sunday. Watch out forrit :-)