Wednesday, March 7, 2012

When Life Gives You Limes...

A while back we had a bunch of limes that we neglected to use up properly. The juicer to the rescue! I was very thankful for this today as I'm home sick from school. Mister had a bad headcold that turned into full blown sickness and I caught it a day later. After a restless night (I was up about every hour), I emailed my profs and crawled back into bed after taking ibuprofin, pseudoephedrin and robitussin.

Fast forward to this afternoon when I'm tottering around my house peering into corners for things to make me feel better.

I put the duckie kettle on for water and had every intention of making tea. That was when I remembered the lime juice. So I made a delicious "feel better" concoction of freshly grated ginger, lime juice, ginger simple syrup and hot water. It soothes my throat, has a minimal amount of calories, is warm in my tummy, throat and hands, and smells good (the steam helping my stuffed head as well).

I'm sure most people know about combinations of citrus and honey/syrups for sore throats, but I am so excited to remember it that I have to put it up here.

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