Friday, March 5, 2010

Independance Days yet again!

Since I'm bad at this game, I think I'm going to try to aim for "do these items once a week" instead of trying to get stuff every day. You might have noticed that we've been stagnating due to the fact that I haven't done SQUAT for I.D.!

On a different note, one housemate and I had a LONG discussion yesterday about the kitchen. Specifically, what needs to be done to the kitchen and how. No, this was not the "we need to paint -- and while we're at it, put up the rack for pots and pans!" This was the "things needed to be washed -- so I piled them in both sinks up to the cabinets!" vs. "you did WHAT?!"


The fact that the majority of the mess was from my banana bread on Monday didn't make it an easier discussion.

I've gotten another variety of tomato planted, but that's it thus far. And they need sun like whoa. Spring, come soon?

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