Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Le Sigh

My seeds are not growing. I have a few sprouts, but overall, nada. I'm assuming this is due to improper setup for starting seeds. Had a growlight, I thought, but nope -- my housemate bought it for another purpose. So after 24 hrs. of that, they got nothing until the sun came out. They're also not really being kept warm enough probably -- which makes me incredibly sad. I keep meaning to get heating pads or something, but I'm not sure where to get them (and haven't started looking... Procrastination, I'm looking at you for this one!).

On a (literally) lighter note, IT'S SUNNY! It's been beautiful, sunny and warm for about a week now, and it should be keeping the warmth for a while. Pretty pretty please March: be friendlier than February, stay warm, and stay sunny, just for me. Thanks!

So baby kitten got out the other day -- apparently it was my fault this time. So, I told him that if he wants to be an outdoor cat, he'll need a collar (he's afraid of his harness!), and more shots. As I know he doesn't want any of that, I figured it was a sure bet, and the end of the discussion. Lo and behold, he had demands for me too! He wants a scratching post, and a new "home". Since he already has a comfy box with a doorhole and blanket, I'm not sure what he means by a new home, but a scratching post I can get. You win THIS round little cat!

Still haven't contacted the MBTA about that land I want to stealborrow to grow food on... am considering the merits of asking vs. guerrilla gardening. Thoughts? My Lawful Neutral BF was horrified by the thought -- but is quite ok with me doing it. He's just convinced that something terrible will happen. My Chaotic Good housemate #1 says to just not do it alone, i.e., convince other people to guerrilla garden as well. Chaotic Good housemate #2 will more than likely say DO IT with an added comment of BRING DOWN THE TYRANNY or some such nonsense (anyone who knows CG#2 will not be surprised by that).

So... I'll more than likely just keep waiting and see what happens when it gets EVEN WARMER!

Independence Days Challenge

1. Plant something: not since last week. Need more dirt!
2. Harvest something: I wish.
3. Preserve something: When did I make that tomato sauce...
4. Waste Not: Considering making applesauce from the apples that we always buy and NO 0NE eats. Also, ate the last English Muffin with just a smidge of yellow mold.
5. Want Not: scavenged two Christmas tins (giganto cookie and popcorn ones).
6. Build Community Food Systems: Guerrilla Gardening Group? Ponder ponder ponder...
7. Eat the Food: There's often food on the stove, so I keep nomming. Better than letting it go to waste, eh?

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  1. Did your seeds germinate? They don't need light to germinate, so the lack of grow lights shouldn't be an issue. Temp might be, but I've had no problems startings seeds at our low home temps. Also, may just be a patience thing if it's only been a week.