Monday, March 1, 2010

Today's Progress

First off, lemme say that it's difficult to be productive when there's a fuzzy kitten at your feet needing lovin's. :-P

Independence Days Update:

1. Plant something: got started on seeds. I planted the cayenne pepper, and the heirloom tomato mix. I'll probably get more done tomorrow after scavenging everyone's recycle bins tonight. :-D

On a nice note, as I'm a cheapskate, I just used dirt from the front yard -- and it's full of worms! Even with being careful, there were so many that I accidentally brought two inside with my dirt! So I apologized, and brought said wormies back outside. ... while singing Doctor Worm of course!

2. Harvest something: nothing yet!

3. Preserve something: putting banana bread in the freezer for later.

4. Waste Not: had 10 bananas that were solid black -- made two batches of banana bread (most in the form of muffins... where are all of my loaf pans?!) Also, turned down the hot water heater -- since the new one was put in, our heating bill has skyrocketed! This should "cool things down" a bit :-D.

5. Want Not: will go scavenging recycle bins for more things with which to plant in. (Egg cartons, plastic tubs, etc.)

6. Build Community Food Systems: nothing yet!


And I have already done three loads of laundry, and will continue to deplete my laundry pile throughout the evening. I've got delicates, sweaters (possibly TWO loads), towels/sheets, and probably another load of stuff that I can't remember.

This is probably my first day off of work that I've completed so damn much -- and still woke up at 1 pm!

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