Monday, March 1, 2010

Independance Days!

The lovely Sharon Astyk has started up her Independance Days Challenge for the 3rd year! [Yes, I know she has two websites -- but she's using this one for I.D.] For those unfamiliar with it (as was I up to minutes ago), it's really simple. Everyone has things that they want to do to be where they want/need to be. If it's "get outta dodge and onto a farm" or just "grow all my own food!" there are baby steps that you can take to get there. The whole point of the challenge is to do ONE thing a day in that direction. There are seven categories to work with, and to try to attain eac.

1. Plant something
2. Harvest something
3. Preserve something
4. Waste Not
5. Want Not
6. Build Community Food Systems
7. Eat the Food

My plans for today include:

-- Plant Something: start some of my seeds
-- Harvest Somthing: nope
-- Preserve Something: nope
-- Waste Not: make banana bread with all those dead bananas
-- Want Not: not fully understanding this one... need to poke at it more
-- Build Community Food Systems: start thinking about how to approach neighbors for chickens, and get that unused land for planting
-- Eat the Food: hopefully banana bread!

I also have every intention of knocking back that enormous laundry pile I have.

Here's to productivity!

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