Tuesday, April 27, 2010

And Dinner

One of the things that I often don't discuss on here is what and how I cook. For several reasons, not in the least being that I don't feel like my cooking is anything to showcase. I'm usually a "throw it in the pan and it'll be nummy" cook. But there is a method to my madness!

So, I'm going to cook dinner for F and myself tonight, and stopped at Trader Joe's on my way back from an appointment. I bought some Lemon Pepper pasta, a white bean salsa type food, and a pack of chicken breast.

Ideally, I'd be marinating the chicken breast in oil, lemon juice and some black pepper (esp. keeping with the pasta!), but I'm not sure if F has lemon juice (crazy, I know), and probably too lazy to get some. Although, chicken doesn't need to marinate long... I could have him pick it up on the way home.

My plan for cooking?

Cook the pasta in water until done, then drain. Pretty simple. While that's cooking, fry some garlic (already had) in olive oil, and add bite-size chicken pieces to that. When the chicken's fairly cooked, add some frozen veggies, and what other veggies are in the fridge (not much, but not worth buying more), and add the white bean salsa with a little more oil to make a sauce. Cook down for a few more minutes, then serve over pasta.

Easy peasy. See why I don't discuss it often?

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