Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Possible Idea for Weekly Menu Plan

A few of the blogs that I've been reading lately have weekly menu plans. One of the ones I just read has a two week menu that doesn't really change. (Since it has such entries as "chicken night", it's not that boring.) Since I'll need to keep my life on the cheapy side of life when I move, here's a quickly thought out sample week menu plan for me.

Day 1: eggs with stuff in it
Day 2: stirfry with beans or meat
Day 3: leftover rice and beans/meat
Day 4: enchiladas with cheesey beans
Day 5: soup, salad, grilled sandwich
Day 6: beans and sausage
Day 7: veggies

Obviously, if I want to make something special, I can switch out a meal and put in my new one. One thing I need to keep track of is how much protein I need -- I burn through carbs way too fast to make it worth while to have a meal with just them. Hopefully, this will get me to eat more veggies, eat more balanced, spend less in food, and actually eat! ...I forget a lot, and then my body thoroughly reminds me.

Does anyone else have that problem? Why is it that if you haven't eaten, you get nauseas? It makes it feel like that LAST thing you want to do is eat! Or drink water on an empty stomach. I'll probably try to make iced tea this summer again, as its something that I will drink -- unlike water.

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