Monday, September 20, 2010

My New Schedule

As the hours at my work are being cut, I now only work 3-4 times a week, I put all my work days in a row (unless I'm covering for someone), and I have evenings and mornings free. Take today for an example.

For some reason, there are an ungodly amount of alarms for Mister. He had one set for 8 am (that I think he forgot about), the two that I set for him at 8:30 and 8:45 (when he did get up), and one for 9:30 (when he wanted to be at work, and when he actually hopped into the shower after running it for freaking 20 mins). After he left just before 10, I got up and went to the comp.

I leisurely read my emails, webcomics and blogs, then put two pots of water on the stove. One for oatmeal (with some rose hips in the water), and one for tea (there isn't a kettle in this apartment). I then hopped in the shower. After using all of the lovely care products that I love (and haven't been using lately due to lack of time), I went and fixed tea, and threw oatmeal into the other pot to cook.

I then came over to the comp again, and wrote my posts, while cooking and then eating my oatmeal and tea. It is now time to get dressed and head to work to be there by 11:30.

I feel so rich in time! I have never had this! I am absolutely in love with this leisurely wake up and get ready. Hopefully I'll continue to use it instead of just sleeping in :-P.

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