Thursday, September 9, 2010

Pasta Sauce

Mister and I made the most delicious pasta sauce last night. Well, I suppose we just edited an already good one, as we did start with a jar of sauce to begin with. I just took some pictures of the ingredients as I'm one of the cool kids now.

We started with one unopened, and one mostly gone jar of sauce.

(Note, as I took the photo today, that is actually filled with our new sauce.)

Mister got the sauce warming up while I chopped a cute, little red onion that I bought at the Farmer's Market yesterday,

And threw it in a pan with some olive oil (the bottle on the left in the picture).

I let it cook down until soft and translucent, then threw in some 80/20, grass-fed, ground beef. (No pic -- it was not a pretty color anyways.)

While this was going on, Mister was carefully tending his tomato sauce and added some bay leaf, and ground all-spice. (There is also our pepper grinder in the photo -- it was used later.)

When the ground beef was cook thoroughly, we combined the two.

Now, since I'm a simple cook, I went "meat and sauce = tasty!" and I would have left it there. But oh no, that wasn't enough for Mister. It still needed something. So he tinkered with the spices. Added pepper. Added more All-Spice. Added some of the extra tasty olive oil (the bottle on the right from the pic above). And then he started talking about how if only we had wine. I said 'no'. He continued: "Maybe we could add some of your Grape Mulled Cider." I said, "no". He went on: "I know! We should add bourbon!" When I tried to put my foot down again and tell him to leave tastiness alone, he went and fetched the bottle...

... and proceeded to do a little test with a smidge of bourbon, and a smidge of sauce. He mixed, went OMG and passed the spoon. I agreed it wasn't bad (like I was expecting), but that he certainly wasn't allowed to put that much in. He agreed, and stirred in 1/8 c. bourbon. Finis! We let it simmer for a bit, let it cool for a bit, and then packed it back into its jars (it nearly filled both of them), and put it in the fridge.

... so now I REALLY REALLY want to make pasta and sauce. Especially because Mister's at work and it'd be ALL MINE!


  1. How did that mulled grape cider come out? I looked at the recipe & there are no reviews. hmmm.. May have to add that to my grape idea chapter in the recipe box. :)
    Thank you for stopping by & entering the giveaway. It truly looks to be a fantastic event. Best of luck!

  2. That's some creative cooking, which is how I like to cook too!