Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Pickle Party Results

So I had J and M over to taste the pickles that I made a month ago. The party is over, and it definately looks like good times were had!

We wound up having nibbles all evening (pita chips, hummus, bread, two cheeses, cherry tomatoes, chocolate, and my grape mulled cider), and so dinner never actually was made. As an aside, we went through one whole quart of cider -- it only makes three mugs. I need to make more!

But, we all had nibbles of pickles as well, and I sent each girl home with a jelly jar of pickles (whatever their favorite was).

As you can see, the first batch, the Bread and Butter, was not well received. The common thought is that there is too much mustard seed, and they might be good on sandwiches (thanks J for that suggestion!). The next batch, the Montego Boy, was J's favorite. It was fairly sweet, but still tasty and flavorful. The last batch, the Sweet Pickle Spears, was M's favorite. It was very sweet, with a little bit of an odd aftertaste (both the SPSs and the BnBs used a lot of turmeric and mustard seed, so it could be that), and I felt would be better cold. All in all, if I had to pick one, I would make the Montego Boy again in a heartbeat. The fact that I didn't have to use the water bath canner made it all the better.


  1. We will have to do this together next summer! Okay?

  2. The word verification was "willinfak". Will in fact, eh? You're letting your spam-blocker answer for you these days? :D

  3. Ah, you know me. Taking the easy way out -- ALWAYS!