Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The A to Z Guide to Me

Stolen from Crunchy Chicken!

Age: 24 but I honestly have to think about it.

Bed size: Queen. I love the thought of having all the room of a King, but I can't imagine living in apartments with one.

Chore I hate: dishes. And laundry. Although I love sweeping.

Dogs: None, although I pet every single one I walk by.

Essential start to my day: I really love going to my local cafe with Mister, but I often prefer to sleep in.

Favorite color: I often say red, but I love them all.

Gold or silver: Silver. Those who can wear gold I respect, but it isn't me.

Height: 5'6"

Instruments I play: where to start... oboe, clarinet, piano, voice, saxes, trombone decently. I can also hack out trumpet, horn, tuba, flute, bassoon (want want want!) and have proper hand position for drumsticks.

Job title: студентка or, studientka for those who can't read cyrillic.

Kids: none currently

Live: Somerville, MA (and I've had 7 apartments in 4 years)

Mother's name: Susan, often goes by Sue

Nicknames: Teegs is the only one related to my name. Lately, I've heard 'Little Goose' from Mister more often than not.

Overnight hospital stays: I think I did once when I was a kid with asthma, but other than that I don't think I've ever.

Pet Peeve: Oh man, where to start? I hate baby strollers, misuse of foreign and non-foreign words ('wala' indeed!), people breaking traffic laws, people stopping in the crosswalk, car horns, Mister not answering his phone... I hate a lot of things.

Quote from a movie: honestly, I quote overmuch. Although a nice quote that I like, from "Once On This Island" (musical) is: "Our lives become the stories we weave."

Right or left handed: right handed, left eye dominant

Siblings: blood related: one sister. One almost-step sister, one almost-step brother, one ex-step sister and one ex-step brother.

Time I wake up: When I'm forced to. 7am for school.

Underwear: Always. I also am a huge fan of appropriate undergarments of all varieties (*cough cough wear a godsdamned slip cough).

Vegetable I hate: Many. But tomato is probably the one I encounter the most.

What makes me run late: sleeping. Or trying to leave the same time as Mister.

X-rays I've had: teeth

Yummy food I make: "Um, everything?" <-- was what la Crunch said, and I'm leaving it.

Zoo animal: big cats. Although I also like deer, and geese, and ducks, and SAND CATS OMG SAND CATS.

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  1. Nice! My mister never answers his phone either, especially when it's an emergency. His favorite excuses: phone left in car, phone ring off, couldn't be bothered (joking!).