Friday, November 4, 2011


Caffeine, light of my life, fire of my... tummy. Loins is a little inappropriate there... :-P

I have an addictive personality, and easily get caught up in such delicious substances as coffee. Earlier this week, we were drinking two cups of coffee a day, and I haven't had any for the past three or four days -- I am well aware of this let me tell you!

But Sunday, I had a mini anxiety attack at Whole Foods (could happen to anyone the assholes in that store with all their obnoxious children), and Mister and I talked about it afterwards. We both agreed that I did not use to have anxiety problems as often as I do now, and that within the past three or four years is when I started drinking coffee, and more so within the past year.

Have I missed it these past three or four days? Yes and no. Yes in that I love drinking the beverage, love going to the cafe, love the whole atmosphere. Yes in that I've had a low-grade headache for most of these days. No in that I'm not spending money. No in that I like telling my body what's what, and every now and again cut coffee out of my life.

Do I want coffee right now? Yes -- it's cold out and in, it's a comforting drink, and I often hang out with Mister while drinking it.

But it is and was an addiction: the number of times I've been like "oh man I really want to go grab a coffee", how the thought of drinking coffee fills my head at odd times and with no provocation, how I used to not be able to finish my coffee and now I drink it faster than Mister.

Granted, I feel pretty good about frequenting the coffee shop that I do -- they buy fair-trade and GOOD coffee (Intelligentsia), they buy all of their snackies from local shops and farmers, their milk is hormone free, etc. etc. It's also staffed by lesbians which makes me laugh (except for a handful of gay men -- one of whom appears to have a thing for Mister :-P). (Side note there, apparently quite a few men have things for Mister, which I think he should try to get free drinks out of, as he fills a particular stereotype: the Bear. Too bad for them he's not gay...)

But yeah, so coffee is a strange, convoluted issue with me. But man I want a cup right now!


  1. you're giving up coffee so that you can tolerate obnoxious children?! :)
    i'm totally addicted to coffee, and i don't think i could ever do without my espressos (two in the morning, one early afternoon).

  2. Nah, just so that I don't have anxiety/panic attacks when near obnoxious children. I start going "omg I gotta get out of here, can't breathe, omg gotta get out" and feeling like a little rabbit -- not something I want to keep in my life on a regular basis. So I'm just cutting down my intake.

    I love coffee way too much to give it up completely.