Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Today is Fashion Day?

Apparently I'm on a fashion kick today. And the problem with browsing blogs is once you start, it's hard to stop. So let's catalogue some helpful info that I'm digging up!

Bra Care from the newly discovered and quite awesome Thin and Curvy blog. This poor girl is a perfect hourglass, and as anyone who's looked at clothing knows, nothing is designed for that. If it fits the waist, you can't get it over your hips, if it fits the bust it's huge in the waist. Etc. This blog reviews clothing designers, manufacturers and goes over general helpful outfitting skills.

A bra-sizing calculator because after my readings today, I fear that I'm in the Wrong Bra yet again. I have the whole "bra rides up the back" problem, and although my boobs aren't large enough for it to be as big of a problem (ha) for me as it is for the blogiste, properly fitting clothing is important.

BiuBiu is a Polish-based clothing manufacturer that sells clothing specifically designed for curvy gals. Apparently they do have a bias towards stretch fabrics, but they have great customer service (as learned from Thin and Curvy). As a side note, apparently Poland is the Land of Curvy People as a good bra manufacturer is located there as well, Ewa Michalak, or Effuniak.

7 Tips for How to Pack for Vacation from Trashy Diva's blog.


To round up Fashion Day, I am feeling particularly trend-setting today. Blankets as a fashion accessory! No, not Snuggies, but honest-to-god blankets. :-P

With just knitted tights, jeans, boots, long underwear and a sweater on, I was quite chilly at the computer. I threw my new owl mitts on, and thought about what to do. I thought about another sweater, but they still aren't as warm as I'd like. I realized I wanted a cozy blanket. I took my 4-5' square polarfleece blanket, folded it into a triangle, draped it over my shoulders, crossed the ends, and belted it from the front (leaving the back draped, as without this it restricts movement). Fab! I am warm, cozy, and quite mobile.

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