Saturday, November 19, 2011


R, you must have been pulling your hair out with my lack of pictures, the number of times you've yelled at me for it! (Oh I still forgot to photograph blanket shawl, but I will do that later.)

A while back now, I made a whole bunch of turmeric-colored pasta. So tasty! (Although the turmeric was kinda funny...) But it turned out that stereotypical 70s mustard yellow color, which I love! And yes, that is a trombone slide used as a drying rack.

That first night I served it with olive oil and cheese.

The second time (after I froze the pasta), I cooked the pasta with frozen peas, fried up some sausage and served it all with feta on top. Super tasty!

And me being crazy! I have a lot of cleaning to do today (note my lack of doing it right now :-P), I haven't showered yet, and mysteriously wound up watching a whole bunch of youtube videos from an Indonesian Muslim girl on wrapping hajibs in pretty styles. (That girl is beautiful omg) Since I'm too lazy to pin it in place, I just wrapped the ends of this turban underneath itself and it's been holding out for about 3 hours. I have to say, my head is warm! (Considering my hands, feet and nose are cold, I like this.) I've always been super jealous of those girls that wear headcoverings, mostly because I'm really lazy about my hair. Black girls, Muslim girls and Christians "dressing plain" often wear head coverings, and I've always felt super selfconscious whenever wearing just a bandana even. I don't see myself wearing this outside of the house, but it's fun to play with.

Also on the line of turbans, check out this amazing pic:

That is who I want to be when I grow up! Her name is Beatrix Ost and the pic is from Advanced Style.


  1. Actually, these loaded super quickly, and you look fabulous! :-) But I warn you, girl, you're on a tiny grace period for the blanket photo now. Put it up qvik!

    Also, we would have made a fab style team, if only you had the time. I could source you natural fabrics, and take pictures while you toiled away at the clothes :P

    PS: point me to the post where you recommend the chicken tikka!

  2. Also, going to make pasta at home as soon as I have a free day. D'you just add turmeric to the flour and egg mixture?

  3. Great dinners, and great hairdo. I don't wear head coverings much either, just because they tend to make me feel claustrophobic. But claustrophobia is better than a frozen head. :)

  4. I mixed the turmeric into the flour, and then added the egg to that. I have a pasta roller and cutter, so it encourages me to make pasta by making it easy as pie.

  5. Which is ironic, because pie is considerably more difficult.

  6. Ah, but I've been making pie for years whereas I've been FAILING at making pasta for years, and only recently succeeded. :-P I can't hand roll the dough thin enough for pasta.