Saturday, November 19, 2011


Is it weird that I prefer when my honey crystallizes? It's currently in a quart glass jar, as it had started both crystallizing and eating through the carton it came in a while back. But in a non-disintegrating container, I prefer it crystallized as it makes it that much easier to scoop a spoonful out for tea without getting honey absolutely everywhere.


  1. I do too - and I'm convinced that it tastes better even. However, crystallized honey is not very good to spread on bread, which is how my kids have it.

  2. I just hate how honey gets EVERYWHERE whenever you try to use it. So even though my first thought is always "oh no the honey crystallized!" I usually wind up happier about it. :-P

    At Christmas Eve dinner we have unleavened bread with honey with is super delicious, so I understand where your kids are coming from!

  3. It's a temperature thing, that crystallizing or not. If honey gets below about 60*F that's what it does, and kind of not terribly uniformly if you have a lot of it. Eventually the whole jar will crystallize. Not a big deal.

    You can re-spread it by putting a small jar of it in a bowl of warm (not too hot to touch) water. It will go back to being solid though.

    And if your turban is any indication Dea, then goodness it's probably crystal-forming chilly! (You're in good company, I'm sitting here in a wool hat.)

  4. It's just weird, because it's in a cupboard right next to the stove, so if any of them would be warm, it'd be that one... oh well.

    And yes, 'tis chilly in my house, especially when I sit at the comp for hours like a lazy bum. :-P