Sunday, April 11, 2010

Easter Overflow

So I got my Easter box in the mail from my mum and grandma today. It came complete with:

-- 7 oz. box of turtles
-- some ribbon and a Lush shampoo that was to get returned to a friend...?
-- a nice copy of the Earthsea Trilogy
-- a lovely book called "The Perfect Tea"
-- 2 boxes of peeps (one green, one yellow)
-- paska (Ukrainian Easter bread)
-- reeces peanut butter eggs
-- Werther's Originals
-- marshmellow renditions of VeggieTales characters
-- 3 boxes of Thin Mints
-- bar of Milka chocolate
-- and the start of my herd...

This is Goatee, the most adorable little goat Beanie Baby! My mother informed me that although I probably will not get much goat milk from her, she is still the official start of my herd.


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