Thursday, May 6, 2010

CSAs and Food Coops

Apparently F's manager was discussing with him about how he works with a vegetable coop, and is working to find a meat coop. In this discussion not only did F decide that that sounded like a good idea, but was convinced to read Omnivore's Dilemma by Michael Pollen. Go figure -- I've been trying to get him to read that for months I feel.

Yet, F works last minute -- you can count on it. For instance, F still considers that we're going to SF at the end of June. As we haven't made any plans, I've kinda assumed that we weren't. So rather than have the discussion of 'well I thought...' when it came up today, I merely replied "well, we will be there if we ever buy tickets".

So, although I hate being a nag, I keep pushing for him to pick a CSA or coop and put money down. The sooner down, the sooner veggies, and the more likely that there will be spaces left! It's really not a hard decision -- you go "hmm, what has yummy looking produce that I will eat and is a decent price? THIS ONE". At least, that is all that I care that he puts into it. I already weeded through quite a few CSAs to get down to three -- the coops he's on his own for. But, he refuses to think about it. This will leave us with NO CSA or coop if he does it right!

Why don't I make the decision you may say? Easy: I'm not going to be the one paying for it, as I don't make enough atm to pay rent (got to talk to my manager about that...).

I just wish that I could hit him over the head and go NOW DO IT NOW. But, that never works. He tries my patience many many times, but I do know to expect it. It's not like this is a surprise at all.

... I want veggies...

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