Thursday, May 13, 2010


So I'm currently involved in the nuts and bolts part of moving -- figuring out what's staying, what's leaving with me, what's trash, and getting it all boxed up. For once, I'd like to have an easy move that doesn't involve packing the day of and during.

I got a whole ton of packing done on Tuesday with a friend, and I think with one more day like that I'll be completely packed. The problem is finding people to help me pack -- so many of my friends do not feel comfortable in that house, that it makes it difficult to get assistance. Why don't I just do it myself? Several reasons, not in the least being that -I- don't feel comfortable in that house! Also, without someone to help me focus and keep me on task, as well as provide mental distraction I peter out and get no where. Just one of those things it's good to know about yourself.

My new apartment has a cat and a dog -- for which I'm very excited about. Leaving Erik the Red at Zu'ul is extremely saddening. If I didn't think it would be worse for him, I'd take him anyways.

But, looking forward to moving, bitchiness of packing and all. Will be leaving in a new square to explore, and still fairly close to F (officially, I'm going to start calling him "Mister" on here -- less confusing than his Bond-esque name).

I guess this post was going to be an explaination as to why I'm not posting as often these days -- but then it turned out fairly big anyways!

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