Thursday, May 20, 2010

Tea Time!

After I move into my new place, I have great plans for a tea party. As much as I have male friends who would probably enjoy this, I think I'll leave it to just girls for now. I know I want to invite R, M, K, T... do I not have other friends? [EDIT: I also wanted to invite J 5/28/10]

K is going to bring her lovely 8-piece tea set, and I'll obviously be supplying food and drink. One of the things that I will make is my new Chai Toast. It's very similar to Cinnamon Toast, but better. I took inspiration from this way to make Cinnamon Toast, wherein one makes a Cinnamon/Sugar/Butter spread, and puts covered slices of bread under the broiler to make nummy.

When I wanted to make this Cinnamon Toast, I was out of Cinnamon. (I know, I know, who runs out of Cinnamon and wants Cinnamon Toast?) So upon the recommendation of Mister, I made Chai Toast -- using freshly ground nutmeg, cloves, allspice and a dash of vanilla. When I make it for the tea party, I will use Cinnamon, as it's a crime not to.

But what else to have? I would like it to be a fully well-balanced snack table. My Chai Toast will cover the spot I would normally have toast and spread. Perhaps little puff pastries in both sweet and savory?

... So upon doing a google search, I came upon this site. This is why I love the internet. I go "what do I need?" and it will tell me!

So depending upon how much work I want to put into this, I could have:
-- quiche (I have a really yummy recipe for spinach and cheese quiche)
-- fried pierogies (which I haven't made in years...)
-- fruit tarts
-- cake/petit fours
-- fresh fruit/veggies
-- eggs (hardboiled and sliced perhaps? tea eggs? Colored eggs who have been cracked and color the whites?)
-- savory and sweet puff pastries
-- Chai Toast

I could sit here and brainstorm all day (and then be craving my teatime!) but I'll leave it as is.

This will be happening at some point in June, and it will be A Grand Time For All! :-P

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