Wednesday, May 5, 2010

A few things to keep track of

As I will not be living in the city and trying to be sustainable here, I'd like to keep track of Melinda at One Green Generation's post on Urban Living. It seems like simple stuff, but always important to remember!

Coco Knits has quite a few interesting projects that I'd like to investigate: Knitted Plastic Bag Tote, Knitted Scrap Bathmat (really want to make that!), and a Rag Doily Rug that looks nice. I love the recycled content aspect, as well as the highly usable nature of these projects.

Also, I finally got my yarn in for the projects I mentioned last week. So the pattern I'm using for Sharon's tablecloth center is this Pineapple Runner with this Pineapple Edging along the edge of the fabric part.

I will be starting that today, and I hope it works out!

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