Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Apartments Revisited

So, here I am, at Mister's house. Why am I here? Because I usually sleep here. Do I have an apartment? Yes.

So because Mister and I are clearly both idiots, we've got a great dilemma: neither of us want to shaft our LL/housemates by leaving early, neither of us want to leave early because we like our apartments, but we want to be living together sooner rather than later.


I really wish that we weren't so stupid and that we'd figured this out BEFORE I moved into a new apartment. We could then have told Mister's LL that we were to move out soon-ish.

Also, we'd been on a June - June cycle. I don't want to be on a September cycle! I hate September 1st move-ins! Having worked in real estate for two of them, I can easily say that I never ever want to go through that. But, because I love Mister, I'm contemplating that.

And some fun side notes: M has a friend who's looking for an apartment under $600 for November 1st (hmm...), Mister's LL is on vacation for a month and now is prime "looking for a tenant for September 1st" time. And last but not least, we haven't even actually DECIDED if we're going to move out or not.

Want this solved by someone else, preferably last week. :-P

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