Thursday, July 15, 2010

Random Food

So one of my goals has been to learn random cheap-ass meals. To that goal, I enlisted the help of an Indian friend and she taught me this awesome egg curry thing. I made her version of mushur daal last night (easy peasy folks). Thus far, I am finding cheap ass Indian food pretty easy.

A recent post on the Simple, Green, Frugal Co-op has a great video for how to make Bi Bim Bop (which is Korean stir-fried rice). It looks really, really simple.

I'm coming the the conclusion that most food is pretty simple to do -- it just requires the effort of doing it! My other highly trained observation is that a lot of the difference between food styles is simply the exact way in which you cook it, and the seasoning/sauce.

If you'd handed me the ingredients that are used in any of the recipes above, more than likely, I'd throw it all in a pot together and call it done. Probably tasty too.

I guess what I'm doing in my quest for meals is not to learn recipes, but to gather procedures. Reading gardener's posts allows me to realize that glut is something I need to know how to deal with. Hopefully, I'll do ok.


  1. I remember reading long back that adulteration in masoor dal is easy as they get some sort of seed which looks exactly like masoor and this particular seed is harmful to health.
    (stopped using the same from then)

  2. It's probably not as much of an issue if you use a supplier that you trust.