Sunday, July 25, 2010

Not Spending Money

So, Mister and I are not going to spend money on things other than groceries for the month of August. I didn't want to have it start before then because of such fun purchases as new car and ring. :-P

We did well for a week of not going out to eat -- we just need to do more of it. The fact that we have two kitchens is really hindering us. Just this morning, I was like "do you have bread?" He said that he had a piece. And I was like "Damn, I have bread, and eggs!" He said that he had cheese, but so do I.

So, we're going out to equip HIS kitchen instead of going to mine.

Apparently Mister considers himself more of a cook than I, and that he does more of the cooking in general. I'm kinda offended by this, as it appears to discount any cooking that I do. But, again, I feel like I do a lot of cooking at my apartment, which he doesn't necessarily see. On the other hand, the amount of leftovers that I often have would imply a fair amount of food.

When I commented about how it was strange that he felt he cooked more than I, he was like "well, I do more involved cooking than you." When I allowed that much of my cooking was throwing stuff in a pan to heat and eat it, he commented that he didn't consider that cooking -- just eating.

Grr. Not happy about this lack of recognition. But let the month of non-spending begin! We shall see who does the cooking. :-P

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