Tuesday, August 3, 2010

At Camp

Currently, I am in the library in Skaneateles, NY -- during a visit to my family's camp. Yay for vacation! Mister needed internet for something at work, so, here we are in town, in the library. Free WiFi in the library of all places! We were looking for a cafe or a Starbucks or something, but couldn't find anything. In desperation, I said let's ask at the library. Et voila, quest solved.

I wish that a proper vacation was what was ensuing -- judging by the fact that Mister is doing a bit of work, and that I've gotten four calls thus far... this isn't a proper vacation.

I got a phone call yesterday from the office -- $175 was short last week on a day that has often had shortages. $175?! What the fuck could you be doing to screw up that thoroughly unless you're flat out taking from the register? This is why cameras were installed. Are they checking them? No. They're just expecting me to know and/or figure out what happened. This is one of the many, many, many reasons I am looking for a new job. I half want to quit and then just look for work full-time, but I'm not an idiot. And doing that is what landed me with my current job.

But, at least we're at Camp. The above pic is a generic photo, but Skaneateles is beautiful. Mister and I keep having these pipe dreams about how we'll buy property out here, fly out to visit, and drive a little MG around while here. TOTALLY FEASIBLE. :-P

I wish it was easier for us to visit here, but it's a good 7 hours drive, if not more. And it's not like alternate routes would be faster -- it's about 6 hours due West on I-90 alone.

Well, I'll round off this post to say that I have three or four more days of vacation, and I plan to enjoy them -- even if I have to ignore phone calls. :-P

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